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What are PMC's Bespoke VR and XR training solutions?

What are PMC's Bespoke VR and XR training solutions?

Our bespoke VR & XR training solutions are custom-designed for you and tailored to your organization’s unique needs allowing your team to practice skills and make decisions safely. 

This can be as simple as a single VR training simulation, a VR based skills assessment or, a complete training program that address the specific training challenges and objectives of your organisation. 

They will always include VR simulations but can also include bespoke instructor led master-classes and training material. And it is more cost effective than you think.

Training, Powered by PMC-VR

Why go bespoke?

Some organizations have unique training needs that go beyond the standard “death by PowerPoint” approach. Our bespoke solutions are for the organisations that are not like anyone else – organisations that are different and have very specific needs.

Our bespoke training solutions enhance knowledge retention, improve performance, and drive organizational success far beyond what traditional methods can achieve. If your organization seeks exceptional results, we can help.

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What to expect from PMC's bespoke

VR training solutions?

Our bespoke VR and XR-based training solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • User Metrics and Inclusivity: Track user progress and ensure accessibility with various technologies, including augmented reality.
  • Custom Delivery: Choose from native headset applications, our LMS, your LMS, or intranet delivery based on your IT preferences.
  • Targeted Training: Address specific behaviors, skills, and attitudes with customized simulations. The possibilities are limitless—from practical workplace scenarios to imaginative environments like a moon base with flying fish.
  • Full solution or just the VR simulation: Depending on your needs we can deliver VR simulations only or, complete and fully loaded solutions including in-person training.
  • Collaborative Development: Work closely with us to define the purpose, goals, content, environment, and interactions of the simulation. We follow an iterative process of development, testing, and refinement to ensure the final product meets your expectations.
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Examples Of Bespoke VR Training Solutions

Here are some selected examples of bespoke VR based training and other VR based activities:

Change and transformation training

Client objection handling training

Plant control system training

VR based skill assessments

Underwater repair training

Mine management training

H&S training and assessments

Specialist welding training

Integrated VR training environment

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